Project’s final seminar

The final meeting of the project took place in Warsaw on 30-31st January 2023. The consortium was hosted by the co-ordinator, the Centre of Migration Research University of Warsaw (CMR UW). On the first day, the project members discussed in detail the joint article. It must be mentioned, that since the kick-off meeting in 2019, this was the first time when team members could meet and exchange ideas in person. Following the fruitful discussion, on 31st the teams presented their research results in front of CMR UW staff. The presentations were followed by a Q&A, which confirmed that we compiled a valuable dataset, which shed light on the specificities of life strategies and choices of V4 migrants living in the UK in the shadow of Brexit and Covid pandemic. The brainstorming brought up new ideas and helped us to see the topic from different angles. The comments and ideas will definitely help us to polish the joint article. We look forward to sharing our results in form of publications with international scholars, so as with the national academic communities.

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