The impact of Brexit on migration from the V4 countries: Migrant strategies

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  • Brexit. Long term effects.
    Wojciech Bedyński

    One of the interviewees said few weeks ago that the true impact of Brexit is yet to come. And indeed in September 2021 serious supplies shortages are painfully experienced by the Brits making queues for petrol, empty shelves in supermarkets (which are compared by older Poles to the situation of late communism in the People […]

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  • “Just don’t meet any Hungarians.” Informal Hungarian community in Great Britain
    Katalin Kovály

    In one of our previous posts we provided a brief overview of Hungarian community life based on formal institutions. Now, with the help of some interview excerpts, we would like to present how Hungarians living in Great Britain perceive each other and how the Hungarian informal community life works. Importantly, we do not claim that […]

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